Recommendations for the event

IF you are experienced in long-lasting meditation sessions, arrange yourself based on your habit.

In the event, you are not used to an extended meditation sessions, we recommend:

  • Wear proven comfortable clothes. If you plan an extended group meditation, bring a vacuum bottle for water, cup, meditation chair, pillow or cushion, blanket or sleeping bag.
  • At certain intervals stretch your muscles while performing your stretching and relaxing exercises.
  • Eat and drink as needed, but be sober.
  • At some meditation places you will be allowed to take a shower. While doing so, visualize that all unnecessary thoughts being washed away. Then return to your meditation.
  • Remain silent at all times, keep your mind tuned to tranquillity and peace.

It is not easy to remain meditating in the state of mind without any thoughts. We recommend using any of these techniques:

  • Observe your breath quietly as often as possible.
  • Sense and concentrate on your body, create harmony, calmness and peace within.
  • Feel the calmness and harmonic synergy within the whole body.
  • Keep smiling silently and breathing quietly.
  • Create a silence inside yourself.
  • Should you have other thoughts, channel them into the topic of peace – peace within yourself, peace with others.

Vedomi Srdce, Public Service Company