General Terms and Conditions 

I. Introductory Provisions

  1. These Terms and Conditions govern the legal relations between the Organizer and the Participant related to the participation in the events realized by Vedomi Srdce. o.p.s.
  2. The Organizer is understood to be Vedomi Srdce o.p.s., with its registered office at Čechova 906, 391 65 Bechyně Company ID: 261 13 406, registered in the public register kept by the Regional Court in České Budějovice, Section O, Insert 133.
  3. Service is underwood to be performed by Organizer, consisting in securing the place for the Participant at events of the Via Harmonia project.The contents of the Service and its variations are listed at or or
  4. A participant is understood to be anyone who orders via the web interface or other, for the action specified, and then pays and uses the Service.
  5. The pricelist is information about the amount of payment for Services. The price of the Service is final, we are not VAT payers. Current prices of individual events are available at or or


II. Registration and payment terms and conditions

  1. The participantis obliged to complete the order form specifying the nature and extent of his participation, his / her personal data and, if applicable, information about the legal entity paying the Service.
  2. By submitting the form, registration for a Participant becomes UNDERTAKING and the Subscriber hereby confirms the reading and acceptance of these Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.
  3. The Organizer is obliged to comply with the Privacy Policy when handling the Participant’s data and communicating with the Participant. By concluding the purchase agreement, the buyer gives the seller the consent to the processing of his / her contact details until his / her written statement of disagreement with this processing.Contact details that the buyer specifies when ordering are for our own use only and will not be provided to other entities except payment processors.
  4. The scope of performance is always specified for each event on the relevant site or or
  5. At individual events, the Organizer may offer one or more variants of payment of the participation fee, which are: a) payment by bank transfer based on the issued advance invoice, b) prepayment by credit card, c) advance payment , d) cash payment on place.
  6. In the case of a transfer payment, the Participation Fee must be paid by the date specified in the advance invoice, but no later than the day preceding the start of the event. Money transfers are made through the account of ComGate Payments a.s. 
  7. Sensitive input data you enter into the internet banking system is protected by bank payment gateways and does not enter third-party environments. Payment processors see only the transaction information that the bank will tell them about the transaction.
  8. In the case of a payment sent 3 days or less before the event, it is necessary to prove the payment of the participation fee by submitting a confirmation of payment at the registration desk at the event.
  9. After receiving the payment, a tax document is sent to the Participant by e-mail.
  10. If the Participant is in delay with the payment of the price of the service longer than 14 days, the Organizer is entitled to cancel the Subscriber’s reservation for the event.
  11. The Participant is required to follow the Organizer’s instructions at the event.
  12. The Participant is obliged to attend the event at a time that is reserved in the participant registration program. In case of late arrival, he / she is not automatically entitled to enter the event venue immediately and is obliged to follow the Organizer’s instructions.


III. Cancellation Policy

  1. Participants may only cancel their registration in writing by sending an email to
  2. The cancellation terms are as follows:
    • Cancellation more than 14 days before the event – 15% cancellation fee;
    • Cancellation 14 – 8 days before the event – 50% cancellation fee;
    • Cancellation 7 – 3 days before the event – 75% cancellation fee;
    • Cancellation 2 days or less before the event starts or is canceled without cancellation – 100% cancellation fee.
  3. If you do not participate in the event without a written cancellation, the Subscriber will be charged a 100% cancellation fee.

IV. Complaints Policy

  1. The Customer has the right to file a claim with Vědomí Srdce o.p.s or complaint about the Services provided.
  2. The customer always submits a claim or complaint in writing immediately after finding out the subject of the claim / complaint, to the address of Vědomí srdce o.p.s, Čechova 906, 391 65 Bechyně or via e-mail The claim / complaint must include:
    • Contact details (ID, company name, registered office address, or correspondence address)
    • Name and surname of the event participant or person handling the complaint, including telephone and e-mail contact
    • Action identification – date, name, or invoice number for the action
    • Description – reason for complaint / complaint
  3. If the customer’s written document does not contain the above information necessary for the proper filing of a claim / complaint, the document will not be accepted for further proceedings.
  4. The Company is obliged to settle the claim / complaint no later than 30 days from the date of receipt of the claim / complaint from the Customer, unless the Supplier has agreed to a longer period with the Customer. The date of receipt is understood as the date on which the claim / complaint was delivered to the Company of Vědomí Srdce o.p.s.
  5. How to handle a claim / complaint: The customer service employee records the claim / complaint and informs the person responsible for handling the claims / complaints. The responsible person will examine the subject-matter of the claim / complaint of the event (e.g. by comparing the evaluation questionnaires of other Participants, consultations with the lecturer, etc.) and, if the claim / complaint is considered relevant, will ensure adequate remedy, e.g. by returning part or all of the participation fee , or in any other way agreed with the Participant.


V. Final Provisions

  1. These Terms and Conditions are located on the website of the Organizer or or
  2. All communication between the parties, including the cancellation of registration, must be in writing or via emails known to the other side.
  3. Relations established by these Terms and Conditions are governed by the applicable legislation, in particular the Civil Code of the Czech Republic.
  4. Any disputes that cannot be settled by agreement will be resolved in proceedings before the general courts of the Czech Republic.
  5. The Organizer reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions.
These Terms and Conditions apply from February 1, 2019

Vedomi Srdce, Public Service Company